How to insert a command (⌘) character (or another symbol) into text

Because I can’t find it on my keyboard. Well, actually I can find it on my keyboard but it makes my other keys do different stuff.

There are a whole lot of shortcuts available, however my brain only has capacity to remember about three.

I really hate having to do things with weird key combinations. Kind of like phone numbers in the olden days, for some reason I can still (pointlessly) remember long-defunct eleven digit phone numbers from forgotten friends and sequential key combinations from Excel ’95; however my brain is now full and nearly every time I need to do something with a keyboard shortcut I need to look it up. And don’t get me started on remembering whatever the ‘⌥’ key corresponds to on my keyboard.

Anyway, until somebody figures out a better way, we’re stuck with them, on desktops at least. So if you need to explain one to somebody and it involves inserting a funny character into some text, here’s the secret method:

  • Step 1: Find it on the internet somewhere (e.g. in the title of this post)
  • Step 2: Highlight and copy it (hopefully you can figure this out on whatever platform you’re on)
  • Step 3: Paste it into your text

That was easy.

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